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Cancer and Homeopathy

                  the  word  that  frightens  and   threatens  all  of  us

                   It  arouses  a  fear  in  our minds  of  prolonged  suffering  and  death.

                It   probably   evokes   more   anxiety   than   any   other   ailment   in   our   society.

             It presents the ultimate challenge to the patient , the physician and everyone around , i.e. family,
   friends,  relatives,  acquaintances ,  nurses,  paramedics,  therapists,  etc.

           Such     is     the    impact     of    the   word     that     it    evokes    sympathy    even    from    the     enemy.

      In the dictionary it is defined as :  “something evil, a thing that spreads destructively” it does  not spare anyone     from a beggar to a business tycoon it strikes with equal ferocity.

What is cancer? kingcrab  

Cancer refers to any one of a large number of diseases characterized by the development of abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably and have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue. Cancer can spread throughout your body.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be frightening. But understanding what's going on inside your body can help you feel more in control of your disease.

Who gets cancer?
Cancer doesn't discriminate when it comes to race, sex or age — anyone can get cancer. The ACS estimates that half the men and one-third of the women in the United States will develop cancer in their lifetimes. The ACS estimates that about 1.4 million new cases of cancer are expected in 2007, and about 560,000 people will die of the disease.

What causes cancer?
Cancer begins with damage (mutations) in your DNA. Your DNA is like a set of instructions for your cells, telling them how to grow and divide. Normal cells often develop mutations in their DNA, but they have the ability to repair most of these mutations. Or, if they can't make the repairs, the cells often die. However, certain mutations aren't repaired, causing the cells to grow and become cancerous. Mutations also cause cancer cells to live beyond a normal cell life span. This causes the cancerous cells to accumulate.

When does cancer develop ?

A cancer is usually said to occur when there is a “growth” or “lump” in our body. A biopsy is used to confirm the evidence of malignancy, but can anyone tell since how long the tumour is growing ,days , weeks , months , years ,,,,many patients often ask “Doctor , since how long am I carrying this tumour.”

At an international cancer congress in Moscow in 1962, scientist, Fould, claimed that “Tumours are only the third stage of cancer and that 20 to 30 years may go by from the actual beginning of the illness to the appearance of tumours”

It can only be guessed how often over the years the organism may have succeeded in defeating or stalemating a cancerous transformation of its cells.

Our organisms natural defense mechanism, the immune system, can keep cancer cells latent or even destroy them.

Inflammations surrounding the tumour are an evidence of a defensive reaction. The power of inflammatory processes to counteract tumour formation is shown by the spontaneous cures of cancer that take place after erysipelas or other febrile illnesses.

Similarly malignant tumours have been made to disappear through hyperthermia. In the discipline of immunology the significance of fever or the inflammatory reaction as a counter balance to the cancerous tendency has been substantiated.

Mr. Harvey Diamond writes in his book “Fit for Life” that there are  7 stages of  disease :


Cancer Cells & Immunity

Normally during embryonic development there is an extremely rapid multiplication of cells but the body has certain forces called as the structuring and organizing forces that hold this proliferating cell material in check, organize it and differentiate it into specific organs and systems having a definite function.

Cancer occurs when these form-giving structuring forces break down failing to control cell growth.

The natural defense mechanisms of the human body which guard against all diseases, are also highly effective to detect the autonomous proliferation of cancer cells.

In the early stages of cancer development the body is able to spot the abnormal cancerous cells by its “immunologic surveillance mechanism” and destroy them. It is only when our main defense mechanism – the immune system breaks down that a continuously growing tumour develops.

The vital importance of an intact active immune system cannot be under estimated. It is a known fact that stress undermines the immune system in a major way.

On understanding the entire life style of a cancer patient, it is a known fact that these patients have a history of emotional stress like deep resentment, guilt, shame, etc. To give a small example, one such patient suffering from advanced breast cancer gave a history of being molested in that breast region many years prior to the onset of the tumour.


Cancer is as many sided and varied as human beings and their evolution. This is why despite colossal efforts, scientific medicine has reached few insights into the causes and nature of this disease. Its customary treatment by means of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is concerned ONLY WITH THE TUMOUR ITSELF and takes no account of the entire human being and the factors which underlie the illness as a whole

Homeopathy takes a holistic view of cancer. Instead of just focusing all the attention on the “growth”, it gives importance to the entire human being, taking into account the mind, body and spirit.

It is a known fact that stress plays an important role in the development of cancer. Negative emotional states like anger, rage, guilt, resentment, etc. trigger the onset of a tumour. These states may have started many years prior to the actual development of the growth.

Other factors of healthy living which are evaluated by homeopathy and holistic health but neglected because of looking at cancer microscopically as a growth are:

Nutrition : Lack of a balanced diet, poor intake of fruits, etc. mustrad_1
Lack of Rest & Relaxation : In our daily hectic lives, the weekend rest is compromised for more work
Poor breathing
Lack of Sleep

Homeopathic remedies are used either singularly or along with conventional treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation etc.

images/bullet Constitutional Treatment : After understanding the entire case of the patient – the full homeopathic interview, wherein a patient is analysed in mental characteristics, physical general symptoms, past history, family history – the constitutional remedy is administered which helps to boost the general resistance – the immunity of the patient.
images/bullet Homeopathic Remedies are also given to minimize the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy and also for faster recovery from major cancer surgery.

Homeopathic physicians understand the patient at a deeper level i.e. at the level of the mind. This becomes important as the turmoil in the mind of the cancer patient is enormous.

Before every chemotherapy cycle there is a fear and a dread of the massive physical side effects the patient will have to encounter. A simple homeopathic remedy which understands this state of fear (Aconite) helps the patient in facing the ordeal.

images/bullet Homeopathic remedies for the terminal stage of cancer to decrease the suffering of a cancer patient.


The problem of cancer plays havoc with the mental state of the patient. This mental turmoil can be categorized into different mental states.

i Denial : Why me ?
ii Fear
iii Confusion
iv Discouragement
v Depression / Sadness
vi Hopelessness

These mental states are understood and treated by Bach Flower Remedies.

Causative Factors Holistic Treatment of Cancer & Conventional Treatment * (A Totality Approach)

Stress & Negative Emotions
Lack of Sleep
Shallow Breath
Poor Blood & Lymph Circulation
Poor Nutrition Chronic Constipation (Toxaemia)
Lack of Rest & Exercise


Meditation & Reinforcement of Positive Thoughts / Emotions
Balanced Diet
Rest, Relaxation & Proper Breathing
Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment
Bach Flower Therapy

* Chemotherapy, Radiation & Hormone Therapy



Historically the mistletoe has been used in natural medicine to treat hypertension, epilepsy, exhaustion, anxiety, arthritis, vertigo, and degenerative inflammation of the joints since antiquity.

Washington Irving described the tradition of stealing a kiss under this intriguing plant:
“...the mistletoe, with its white berries,” he said, is “hung up, to the imminent peril of all the pretty housemaids.” At Christmas, the young men had the privilege of kissing ladies under the mistletoe, “plucking each time a berry from the bush.” Once all the berries had been plucked, no more kissing was allowed.

It was Rudolf Steiner - an anthroposophical physician, a philosopher, who had the vision to perceive the anti-cancer potential of the mistletoe.

He introduced the use of mistletoe extracts for the treatment of cancer in 1916. Nowadays, Europeans include V. album in oncology therapies under the trade names Iscador and Helixor.

The mistletoe (Viscum Album) is a half parasitic plant belonging to the family Loranthaceae. It grows on host trees such as oak, pine, fur, apple, elm, etc.

There are certain striking similarities between the plant mistletoe and the cancer. Let us understand these.

bullet Mistletoe has a continuous life cycle which has correspondence to continuous unhampered, unlimited growth of cancer.
bullet It is a half parasitic plant growing on host trees but in many respects it is independent of the host. Cancerous cells are like a parasite, deriving nutrition from the human host but independent of the organism.
bullet Whenever a cancer develops it forms a growth or a lump in the body. Mistletoe actually grows in those places of the host tree where these protuberances appear and actually helps to devour them. The branches of the host tree which are seized by the mistletoe are sustained longer than the other branches.
bullet The stalks and leaves of the mistletoe grow on all sides and in all directions just like cancer grows in all directions.
bullet The upper and lower surfaces of a pair of leaves of the mistletoe are undifferentiated like the undifferentiated carcinoma.

Mistletoe & The Immune System

The scientific world has been has been seeking in vain for the actual cause of tumours only in the degenerated cancer  cells themselves. This microscopic viewpoint is the result of materialistic trends of thought prevalent in the world today.

The entire focus is just on the tumour, a growth, a lump, a nodule and the entire therapy is concentrated on destroying, removing, chopping of the tumour.

No importance is given to the entire human being which is not “ an aggregate of cells or organs “ but a composite of man , body and soul.

 A Cancer patient starts  rigorous treatment , surgery , chemotherapy , radiation , hormone therapy all aiming at destroying the tumour .

But what about the immune system which guards the body against the development of cancer, but also prevents its spread(metastasis)

i. Direct action on the cancer cells causing cell death
  (a) certain pharmacological constituents penetrate the cell membrane causing cytolysis
  (b) direct action on cell metabolism – fission of RNA blocks protein synthesis in the cancer cell resulting in cessation of growth, cytostatis.
ii. Immuno-stimulation.
  The immuno-modulating properties of Mistletoe lectins have been investigated in detail from the early 1980s. Immuno-stimulation is brought about in the following ways:
  (a)  elevation of white blood cell counts (leucocytes)
  (b) increase in phagocytic activity of granulocytes
  (c) increase in natural killer cells (NK) and their activity in the peripheral blood
  (d) macrophage activation
  (e)   increased cytokine secretion – interleukin 1 (IL-1), interleukin 6 (IL-6), interferon gamma and TNF-alpha
iii. Effect on minimizing chemotherapy induced immune damage.
  DNA stabilizing effect in peripheral blood mononuclear cells resulting in significant protection from immunosuppressive effects of chemotherapy.
iv. Inhibition of tumour angiogenesis.

a.  Improvement in general condition of the patient. Increased appetite, feeling of well being, good sleep, etc.
b. Inhibition of tumour growth with no damage to healthy tissues.
c. Reduction in pain due to tumours.
d. Improved quality of life.
e.  Lightening of depressive moods.
f. Immuno-stimulation
g.  Improved tolerance of chemotherapy and radio-therapy.
Mistletoe therapy is indicated :
a. In the treatment of all malignant and benign tumours (surgical removal of the tumour is desirable) either as a primary therapy to provide immune stimulation or as a adjuvant therapy along with chemotherapy and radio-therapy.
b.  In the treatment of inoperable tumours, recurrences and metastases; in terminal cases it has a palliative action on the cancer patient, relieving pain and improving the quality of life.
c.  Preventively, in precancerous conditions.
d.  Given concurrently with radiotherapy and chemotherapy to reduce side effects and achieve immunostimulation.
e. To stimulate bone marrow function.

The monumental tasks of fighting cancer can best be achieved by taking a holistic approach which combines conventional therapies along with complimentary therapies such as homeopathy and mistletoe therapy.


" Anything is possible. You can be told that you have a 90-percent chance or a 50-percent chance or a 1-percent chance, but you have to believe, and you have to fight. ”

                                                                                                         - Lance Armstrong

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