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"Homeopathy .... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science."
                                                                                                      - Mahatma Gandhi
Family Homeopathic Treatment    
Place : Mumbai
Date : 2002
From : Dr C.B.S.
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We have known Dr. Zubin Marolia for a decade now.  Over the years, as our family physician, he has become a friend and a trusted name in our family.

My entire family is under his care, including the latest addition, my grandchild.  Zubin takes care of all our medical needs, including nutrition and diet.  Apart from taking care of specific ailments or problems, Zubin treats constitutionally with medicine tailor-made to suit each one of us – physically, mentally and emotionally.  This has helped to build our immunity and bring about a healthy balance in our bodies.  He looks at a patient in a holistic manner.

We have always found him to be a very enabling person, amiable and a good listener – which is so important in a doctor.

During the time of my husband’s brush with cancer, Zubin was a solid pillar for all of us.  Along with the surgery and chemotherapy, homeopathy played a vital role in controlling the side effects as well as boosting the immune system through homeopathic and Bach remedies, as well as through the Iscador therapy.  While Iscador boosted his immunity, homeopathic medicines and Bach flower therapy took care of the side effects of the traditional line of treatment and emotional and mental states.  As a wife and caregiver, I was under immense strain, physically and emotionally.  Homeopathy and Bach flower therapy took care of me too, giving me almost super-human strength.
During emergencies, such as the time my husband had a fall and hit his head after a chemotherapy cycle, Zubin arrived minutes after I called him, accompanied us to the hospital and stayed with us till the scan was completed.  This was a great sense of comfort for us.

Spondyloarthropathy with depression
Place : Mumbai
Date : January 2007
From : B.E.
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Dear Dr Zubin Marolia

Thank-you for curing me. I was very depressed and sick. I feel much better now. You have been a very patient listener and you a great healer.

May the “Healing Powers” of the Greatest Healer – Paak Dadaar Ahuramazda, flow through your hands forever and always for you to heal and cure completely all those who come to you; thus relieve them of their pain and sufferings.
All the Best.

Fond Regards,


Neck Cancer
Place : Rajpipla, Gujarat.
Date : April 1996
From : D.D.E.
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After my operation was done in 1996 for neck cancer, I took 28 sittings of Radiation (light) and started with Dr. Marolia’s treatment. I suddenly put on a lot of weight after taking light and my cholesterol levels shot up. I also had hoarseness of voice and swelling in my body.

In just five days of homeopathic treatment, my voice was back to normal. Dr. Marolia diagnosed my problem as thyroid problem. After continuing with homeopathic treatment my thyroid problem was under control and my weight was back to normal. I felt better.

Now I feel well and I have been doing all the household work. I am still taking Dr Marolia’s treatment since the past 11 years and I have not taken any allopathic medicine during that period.
I am deeply grateful to Dr Marolia.


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